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Mr ken    +86 13889973388

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Company Profile
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  Brief Introduction

  Dongguan Sunworth New Energy Tech Co., Ltd, founded in 2008, is a high technology company specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of solar modules, solar energy systems, and solar street lights, etc. Sunworth have passed ISO9001:2008 and its products got the international authoritative certifications such as TuV, IEC, CE, ETL, and golden sun, etc.

  R&D Team

  The R&D team members all accepted professional higher education for the PV Power Energy Science and Engineering. The core engineering team is with more than 10 years' experience. Also young creative engineers are joining for more innovative ideas. Adhering to customer value, the team is creating more and more practical and innovative PV products, also excellently implementing OEM/ODM projects for our clients.

  Manufacturing and Testing

  Advanced automatic manufacturing and testing machines are equipped. Manufacturing and testing procedures are implemented strictly according to the quality control system.

  Mission and Vision

  What are we doing in the solar industry?

  We are saving bills for our end users.

  We are helping the remote places to be lighted during dark nights.

  We are helping with ending poverty and modernization of cities and areas.

  We are saving the non-renewable resources on the earth.

  We are keeping the air fresh, the water clean and the sky blue.

  We are endeavoring to ensure our descendants to enjoy the same beautiful planet as us today.

  Wish we could do more and more contributions to protect our earth with the endless solar enerygy, together with you.

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